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Kelley Gray - Photo credit to Marcy Singer

Kelley Gray


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I'm a growth nerd. I care deeply about transformation and maturation. I think it's the best thing on earth. I gather all the tools and wisdom I can to help my dear clients take their next step in being more fully human and free.

Everyone can grow, which is why I hold sacred the trust and hope invested in me by my clients and rejoice with them as they flourish and heal. I have been a licensed therapist for over 20 years: I've worked in private practice, counseling intensives, virtual classes, groups, Enneagram facilitation, and corporate trainings & retreats.

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Groups & Classes Meet 2x Monthly
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Featured Offerings

  • Trauma Healing Group

    Every month
    • Growth Nerds 101 Class

      Every month
      • Growth Nerds Class

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    Growth Nerds will restart in Fall 2024!
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    I believe that psychotherapy is absolutely one of the best investments you can make in your lifetime. Starting can be SO intimidating. If you can, seek a referral from a friend who gets you. If you aren't working from this place of privilege search or and just start reaching out to therapists who are taking new clients. 

    You can start by saying, "I have no idea why I keep repeating these patterns." "My family says I'm driving them crazy." "I want to become less anxious, angry, controlling, passive, overwhelmed." OR my personal favorite, "I just want to grow." 

    My heart leaps that you're thinking of going to therapy. Keep going.

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    The Nerds are taking a break until September 2024 at which time I'll offer Growth Nerds 101 along with a workbook

    Live virtual class sessions will be held every other week for one hour and recorded for your viewing leisure. 

    The curriculum I'm going to teach is beginners basic guide to interior work. 

    If you complete the 6 month course I will grant you bragging rights to boldly proclaim that you have at LEAST scratched the surface of doing a little bit of your growth work! 


    There are many Enneagram programs available, I highly recommend and and 

    I LOVE teaching the enneagram to groups and I use it with 99% of my one on one clients and have for many years now. I loved the Enneagram before it was cool and I will love it when no one cares. Studying the shadow side of my temperament continues to activate growth inside my own dear self. 

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    Corporate trainings and workshops for religious and non-profit organizations allow individuals, groups, and couples to grow in insight, strength, and capacity.

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    Starting September 2024: Ongoing Growth Class
    Growth Nerds

    Thursdays - 
    2x Monthly
    1:00-2:00pm MST

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    + Join a Group or a Class

    Meet 2x Monthly
    When: Class meets two Thursdays a month
    Time: 1:00-2:00 MST
    Sliding Scale Available Upon Request
    • Trauma Healing Group

      Every month
      • Growth Nerds 101 Class

        Every month
        • Growth Nerds Class
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