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+ Enneagram


I have worked with and taught the Enneagram clinically since 2012 in a wide variety of settings. Private practice psychotherapy, intensive psychotherapy, corporate trainings and retreat settings.

The Enneagram has transformed my personal life and clinical work more than any other temperament modality I've studied. The Enneagram presents a robust, ever-unfolding pathway to self awareness, relational competence, optimal functioning and freedom.

+ What Enneagram offerings do you have?

I offer Enneagram testing and three personal, follow up sessions. Session one is a type verification interview to ensure the CPS Enneagram Inventory accurately identified your type. The following two sessions will focus on how your type and subtype typically behaves in personal relationships, work relationships and the main components of your personal path for growth. I have extensive training, study and experience with the Enneagram and utilized it in one on one clinical psychotherapy for over ten years. 

+ What does that package include?

The Enneagram Package includes:

  • Professional Testing via CPS (Chestnut Paes Sullivan Enneagram Inventory)

  • Individual Type Verification Interview (to help distinguish between look alike types and provide assurance of your type)

  • Individual Education/Discussion Session regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your type in personal and professional settings.

  • Individual Education/Discussion Session regarding the path of growth, maturity, transformation for your type/subtype.

+ What is the process to schedule?

Reach out to learn more, connect and get scheduled for your Enneagram sessions.

+ What comes after this Enneagram work?

We have an ongoing Ongoing Growth Class that meets monthly for dedicated time to continue the work after our Intensive. For Counseling Professionals, there is also an ongoing monthly Professional Psychotherapists Consultation Group for case review and support.

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