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Counseling Intensives

After two decades in Private Practice I realized that I did not want to be cut off at the 50 minute mark. I knew that I wanted to have the right amount of time to do needed work in a length of time that could allow for earlier healing and growth. It honors my own values of growth at the root levels and depth over frequency.

+ What are Counseling Intensives?

The Intensive Counseling Programs at Restoring the Soul creates an environment for my Clients which facilitates groundbreaking strides in healing, in a shorter period of time in comparison with traditional counseling. My Clients walk away from the Intensive experience with the clarity and tools they need to make life changes faster and with greater ease.  

Other benefits may include:

  • Addressing and significantly healing trauma.

  • Identifying and treating addictions at the root level.

  • Restoring and strengthening broken marriages.

  • Preventing divorce when all other options appear to be exhausted.

  • Cultivating one's capacity for intimacy with God, self, and others.

  • Learning paradigms and practices to help sustain vitality, joy, and shalom.

+ How are Counseling Intensives structured?

There are one week and two week Intensives offered through Restoring the Soul.


One week sessions are designed for:

  • Couples or individuals

  • Soul Care or Spiritual Direction that is “proactive” and “preventive”

  • No active crisis or significant present brokenness

  • “Tune-up” as opposed to an “overhaul”

  • Frequently used by leaders on a sabbatical, missionaries on furlough or for directed spiritual transformation

Two week sessions are designed for:

  • Couples or individuals with a history of trauma

  • Soul Care and Counseling that is “reactive” and “restorative”

  • Dealing with a significant personal, marital or ministry crisis or issue

  • “Overhaul” as opposed to “tune-up”

  • This is our most frequently chosen intensive to address sexual, relational or ministry brokenness

  • Restoring the Soul does not provide pre-marital counseling

  • Restoring the Soul is unable to work with couples whose issues involve domestic violence

+ What is the process to schedule?

Use this link to go to Restoring the Soul and fill out the initial contact form. In the field,"What do you hope to gain from your Soul Care Intensive," in addition to your answer add that you would like to work with Kelley Gray and our team will make sure we're connected.

+ What comes after an Intensive?

We have an ongoing Growth Seekers Group that meets monthly for dedicated time to continue the work after our Intensive. For Counseling Professionals, there is also an ongoing monthly Professional Psychotherapists Consultation Group for case review and support.

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Kelley Gray's has one of the purest, kindest souls I have ever met. She creates safety and has an ability to enter into peoples' stories and pain to facilitate healing and clarity on the deepest levels.

Carly H., Client

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The First Step

Having a conversation is the first step to understanding if we're in the right space at the right time to do some meaningful work together.

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