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+ Group Trainings & Workshops

Group Trainings & Workshops

Group Trainings and Workshops provide an opportunity for individuals and teams to sharpen their communication skills, increase personal awareness, team cohesion, and facilitate interpersonal skills in a way that overcomes obstacles to achieve future growth.

+ What Group Trainings & Workshops are offered?

  • Corporate Trainings and Workshops:

  • CPS Enneagram Inventory provided for each team member and scored (small and large teams)

  • Live In-Person Half-Day Training on the Enneagram System and its uses in the workplace

  • Live Q & A: Understanding and Application

  • Optional post-workshop review and one-one/leadership/group forward moving plan/collaboration 

  • Faith Based Workshops:

  • Structured as Enneagram-based to facilitate insightfulness and growth, or marital workshops which serve to deepen understanding and increase skillfulness in loving one another

  • Live Q & A: Understanding and Application 

+ How are the Trainings structured?

  • Half and full day trainings available 

  • CPS Enneagram Profiling Questionnaire involving Individual and Team level processing

  • Supporting and resourcing team processing inefficiencies

  • Strategies for individual growth and increased capacity

  • Debrief with Key Leadership

+ How are the Workshops structured?

  • Half and full day trainings available 

  • Detailed descriptions of the Nine Enneagram Types corresponding to relational dynamics

  • Increased focus on interpersonal dynamics, removing relational blocks and forging new connective paths forward

  • Enneagram type customized with personal and relational growth action items

+ What comes after a Training/Workshop?

  • Resource list for those interested in continuing education and growth opportunities

  • Ongoing Growth Class that meets bi-monthly for dedicated time to continue self-enrichment

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We brought Kelley in to work with our team during a stressful time of transition. She facilitated much needed discussion, soul searching, and empathy among the group. She comes with a refreshing mix of experience and intuition that helps people to open up right away. Her knowledge and expertise using the Enneagram tool are next level and helped our team understand themselves and each other in our work context - leading to increased teamwork and productivity.

Melanie, Denver Rescue Mission

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The First Step

Having a conversation is the first step to understanding if we're in the right space at the right time to do some meaningful work together.

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