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Ongoing Class
Growth Nerds

For me, group interactions hold tremendous value when they shed light, compassion, humor and inspiration on our pains, issues and stuck places. I've created this offering to share the lessons and wisdom gathered in these last 20 years of psychotherapy. These classes reserve a little bit of space in your busy life for intentional focus on your interior world. I'm here to offer grounding, understanding, compassion and progress for those who continue to hunger for greater depth and capacity in themselves, their relationships and faith.

+ What Ongoing Class is available?

  • Ongoing Growth Seekers Class Membership - We call this GROWTH NERDS -- This class is for individuals who have spent considerable time on their personal growth work. Facilitated twice monthly by Kelley, comprised mostly of former clients, students and friends, the group serves as an easily accessable place to show up to be reminded of the goodness of growth, centering, grounding, learning and possibly even healing a little.


+ What is included in Growth Nerds Class?

  • 60 Minute virtual class sessions

  • Themes: Mental health, contemplative faith, being human

  • Introverts will never be called on, all interaction is consensual 

  • Group forums with Q&A 

  • Recorded sessions for review and absence


+ How do I access the Group?


+ How do I sign up?

  • Select Growth Nerds Registration and follow the prompts

  • $30/month for two 60 minute classes

  • Sliding scale available upon request

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Kelley's teaching was like a steroid shot for the employees.

Parker Inabnet, Founder and CEO of IM Wealthcare

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