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A Humanizing Approach to the Enneagram



Origins Coaching & Consulting is a group of women who care deeply about people and their growth.


Together we have over 40 years of combined experience working with people in therapy, business, mediation, and education which gives us a unique approach to working with our clients.

We want to help you create movement and growth in your life by using the Enneagram as a powerful tool to understanding yourself, the core motivations beneath your actions, and how you engage others. Using this dynamic tool we will help you learn how to show up as your truest self wherever you go.

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Our team

Kelley, Candace and Michelle are a trio of women with three very different backgrounds sharing a common mission: to equip others in taking their next right step towards their life or organization's goals.


Origins Consulting is unique - we share Enneagram training, but our careers and educations span private practice psychotherapy, mediation, conflict resolution case counseling, public school teaching, entrepreneur and aerospace. This broad range of experience allows us to draw from multiple sources and techniques to customize support according to what you need.


Together we offer a multi-faceted vehicle of improvement for you or your organization.

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Kelley Gray

  • M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Intensive Clinical Specialist

  • Enneagram Practitioner

  • Group Facilitator

  • Consultant

  • Writer

  • Speaker

  • Growth Nerd

Engaging your own personal work is a privilege, responsibility, and adventure. A gift to yourself and everyone who's lives intersect with your own. The interior journey is scary, terrible and beautiful. You are not your wounds, issues or ego - you are so very much more. Holding space for you to experience transformation through the Enneagram is an honor and joy.

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Michelle McDonald

  • Trained in the narrative approach to the Enneagram by The Narrative Enneagram

  • Certified as an Enneagram Practitioner by Chestnut Paes Academy

  • 20 plus years in education and leadership 

I am passionate about lifelong learning, growth work, and living in the freedom of who you truly are. I don’t know a better tool than the Enneagram to empower real change by giving you permission to be your truest self. I want to share this valuable information with others to create a roadmap that is uniquely yours, designed to provide transformation and growth specifically for you.

Candace Malmstrom


Sometimes we feel like a stain glass artist with random pieces we are trying to fit into our personality picture.  We can overuse our favorite pieces, shifting them around, wanting those to represent the whole creation. Perhaps we don’t like the color or shape of a particular part within ourselves, but when we discover its place in the design it can become integrated, appreciated and we begin to see the vision of what could be. The Enneagram offers you, the artist, a peek at what the final united and whole design could look like. 

  • Enneagram Practitioner, CP Enneagram Academy

  • Certified Mediator for the State of Utah

  • Graduate Certifications in Conflict Resolution & Negotiations, University of Utah

  • Completion of Mindful Self-Compassion Training, LOMSC

  • Compassion Lab Courses, MSC

  • Holistic Trauma Healing Certification, Part 1

  • Enneagram Coach Training, Enneagram Coach Corporation

Dry Reeds

what we do

-three pathways-


  • 90-Minute Discovery Session
  • Customized Enneagram Typing
The Discovery Session is focused on you and how you operate. Through conversation and guided, thought-provoking interaction, we identify your Enneagram type and gain a more  comprehensive picture of your personality. After this session, you will receive a detailed blueprint about your type, full of answers to questions like, "Why do I do, What I do?"


  • Includes Discovery Session
  • 3 1-Hour Follow Up Sessions
In Educate, we unpack Enneagram around you and your type and see where it shows up in your life. This process helps uncover some of the hidden beliefs that have been running on auto-pilot in the background. We'll use your Enneagram type as a map to shed some light on blind spots, while also finding growth edges that feel ready to make a shift - in thought and action.