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+ Ongoing

Ongoing Group Memberships

For me, group interactions hold tremendous value when they shed light, compassion, humor and inspiration on our pains, issues and stuck places. I've created this offering to share the lessons and wisdom gathered in these last 20 years of one on one therapeutic settings. These groups offer space in your busy life for intentional focus on your interior world. I'm here to offer grounding, understanding, compassion and progress for those who continue to hunger for greater depth and capacity in themselves and their relationships.

+ What Ongoing Memberships are available?

  • Ongoing Growth Seekers Group Membership - This is for individuals who have spent the time doing growth work - professional or otherwise - and are looking for a group of like-minded people who's community serves to remind, educate, process and support.

  • Ongoing Professional Psychotherapist Group Membership - This is designed for professional therapists/counselors/psychotherapists who desire a space for case review, professional support, and connective encouragement.


+ What is included in the Memberships?

  • 90 Minute virtual class sessions

  • Thematically or as need-based group identifiers structured

  • Trauma informed and Client centered feedback and perspective

  • Group forums with Q&A areas that can be submitted pre-and-post sessions

  • Recorded sessions for review and absence


+ How do I access the Group?

  • Sign up for a Group Membership

  • Create a Member Login

  • Access Group Forums and Session links once registered


+ How do I sign up?

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Kelley's teaching was like a steroid shot for the employees.

Parker Inabnet, Founder and CEO of IM Wealthcare

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The First Step

Having a conversation is the first step to understanding if we're in the right space at the right time to do some meaningful work together.

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